Founded in 1998, RTS Associates operates from a set of values that differentiates and distinguishes themselves from other telecom suppliers.  We drive for relentless improvement, strive to always help others and provide a positive impact on businesses, education, families, and economic growth.  These principles enable us to attract, maintain, and nurture industry professionals.  Our collective talent pool motivates the world’s leading service providers to select RTS Associates as their “partner of choice” in building and maintaining advanced, reliable and innovative networks.  We have grown and diversified by striving to be the best at what we do and partnering with industry experts to furnish world class service and achieve operational excellence.

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The company is headquartered in Lawrenceville, Georgia. With locations and staff all around the southeast, we serve AL, FL, GA, KY, LA, MS, NC, SC, and TN. We operate predominately in the southeast, but can easily accommodate a client’s needs in other geographic areas as we continue to expand throughout the nation.

The company got its beginnings by providing database entry/management services, along with contract staffing, to the telecom industry. RTS Associates added outside Plant Facility Design to its list of services in 2008. Our success can be mainly attributed to our consistency in performance and the high level of customer care we provide. We deliver high quality work with on time performance.

RTS operates on four fundamental principles:

Our mission, our core focus, our core vision and our core values. 


1.      Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to be the partner of choice for the world’s leading Telecom service providers. We are committed to helping them build and maintain the most advanced, innovative, reliable and cost effective networks that will ensure 100% customer satisfaction. We will strive to consistently exceed our customer’s expectations.

2.      RTS’ Core Focus: Our passion is to build a successful company with great people and great results. Each employee should know that the role they play has a large impact on the community. Your work doesn’t just impact RTS, your peers or even just the customer; instead, it goes far beyond that!  What you do impacts the families and businesses located in the areas in which you do work, and also plays an important role on the economy!

3.      RTS’ CORE VISION: To become the #1 Telecom Design Company in the Southeast!

4.      RTS’ Core Values: The following are the core values that RTS has found underlies the qualities of the employees that have helped to bring us great success:

      • Possesses integrity, has a positive attitude and is respectful: You conduct yourself with honesty and integrity. You are conscientious, compassionate, humble and modest; yet confident.
      • Be a TEAM player: You will help others when asked to.
      • Be dedicated to success: You are motivated and professional. You turn in timely, quality and accurate work to the customer. You possess a strong work ethic, strong time and task management skills. You are goal and performance oriented. Lastly, you are accountable!
      • Be customer service drivenYou will ensure customer satisfaction above all else!